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Musoma Municipal Council Investment Opportunities

Musoma Municipal Council in line with the National investment policies invites private investors sa key players in promoting council development and diversifying the economy.

Our priority is to promote the municipality to be the best investment destination for investors in all sectors. Henceforth, we showcase our investment opportunities as such:-

1. Tourism:

Musoma is one of the unique destinations in Tanzania with beautiful lakeshore scenery, topography and very friendly people. Musoma is about 80 km from the famous Serengeti National Park. The geographical location provides Musoma with excellent environment for investors in tourism industry. Five plots ideal for tourism investment have been earmarked.

Tourism industry in Musoma has excellent investment opportunities in construction and management of hotels, lodges, restaurants, aviation projects, tour operation, travel agencies and marketing organization. With these myriad opportunities Musoma Municipal Council stands the chance.

2. Agriculture:

Cultivation of green vegetables in Musoma Municipal is one of the economic activities. About 100 ha are suitable for production of green vegetables especially tomatoes. However, other neighbour distiricts including Tarime, Rorya, Bunda, Butiama and Serengeti also play a vital role in production of green vegetables.

Our strategy is to ensure tomato and other green vegetables are processed to attract its market na high prices. Investors interested are invited to participate in this area of production.

3. Livestock:

The common livestock, which are found in Musoma urban and peri urban areas are cows, goats, sheep, and pigs others, includes donkeys, cats, chicken and ducks.

The livestock keeping raise income of the people by selling the livestock or their products.However, in the municipality there is no quality abattoir despite the existing of big number of cattle in the council and those slaughtered are for local consumption. Abattoir is one of the key area in Musoma for investment opportunity.

4. Industrial Sector:

Industrial sector has been divided into three categories which are heavy, light, and service industries. Each of the three categories has its own activities.

Heavy industries process and manufacture different goods and products.Light industries process but does not use heavy machines while the  service industry offer customer Service. There are three (3) heavy industries, six (6) light industries and several service Industries most of them working under capacity less than 30%. The existing owners of heavy industries can no longer manage their operation, so there is an opportunity for new investors to come in.