Tunafanya Nini

Mandate of Musoma Municipal Council

The mandate of Musoma Municipal Council derive from:

•The constitution of United Republic of Tanzania (1977) Articles 8,145,146 including amendment that followed. These articles enshrine the local government system which put and emphasis on supremacy of the people underlies the accountability of government to the people and highlights that the people have the right to participate and establish the level of local government.

• The Local government Act No 8 of 1982 (Cap 288) and local government finance Act 1982 (Cap 290) state that the Ministry of Local Government have mandate to establish townships, municipalities and cities and that Ministry of Finance will give subsidies to these Urban authorities.

Functions of Musoma Municipal Council Include:-

1. Provide services for the improvement of agriculture;

2. Control or prescribe the methods of husbandry in respect of any agricultural land;require the taking of such measures as may be       necessary for the  preservation of harvested crops;

3. Suppress or control animal or insect pests or plant pests, noxious weeds or plant diseases;

4. Declare any area of land to be reserved for the purpose of reconditioning, whether by artificial measures or natural regeneration       or both, or for the purpose of planting with fodder plants and prohibit, control or regulate the use of such area;

5. Provide services for the improvement of livestock;

6. Build, equip and let shops and dwelling houses;

7. Prohibit, restrict and regulate the construction, alteration, alignment and elevation of all buildings and other structures and of parts     thereof, and compel the demolition,removal, repair or rendering safe of any building, structure or part thereof which, in the opinion     of the authority is dangerous or unfit for occupation for structural or sanitary reasons or which otherwise constitutes a nuisance           and for the doing of any such work as aforesaid at the cost of the owner or occupier and for recovering such costs;

8. Provide for building lines and the lay-out of buildings;

9. Regulate the amount of snace to be allowed in and about buildings or securing

    the proper ventilation thereof and the free circulation air;

10.Regulate the closing of buildings or parts of buildings unfit for human habitation;

11.Erect and maintain houses for occupation by such persons as the authority shall decide;

12.Prohibit the construction of any new building unless and until the plans

     thereof have been submitted,to and approved by the authority;

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